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About Us

Each one of our medical professionals strives for one thing, and this is to support and offer the best care for our patients 100% of the way. Whether it be mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Mission Statement

At RYS Drips PLLC our goal is to treat our patients in the most comfortable atmosphere. We are a mobile IV concierge service. We bring the most organic and unique combinations of various vitamins to assist with making our patients feel and live better. Our goal is too always put our patients as first and foremost and too make sure they receive the best possible care from our staff.


Rafael Yaakobov

Certified Nurse Practitioner Founder of RYS Drips PLLC

My name is Rafael Yaakobov. I am a board-certified nurse practitioner and also the founder of RYS Drips PLLC. I received my undergraduate and graduate education at Molloy College and graduated with honors. Throughout my career, I have practiced at various locations with varying levels of care. I started as an RN at LIJ ER, moved into homecare, and later ended up in Mt Sinai Hospital. The largest drive that I have on a daily basis is to help my patients, give them the care they deserve, and advocate for them as best I can. It is with this mentality that we hire our other staff. 


Rafael Yaakobov, FNP-BC & Founder of RYS Drips PLLC

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