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COVID-19 At Home Rapid, PCR & Antibody Testing

Stay at home, get tested. Our nurses come to you.

STEP # 1

In-Home Test

Nurse will bring the requested testing kit to your location of choice.

STEP # 2

Nasal Swab or Blood Drawing

For the PCR & Rapid Tests, we utilize the Nasal Swab; for the Antibody Test, we draw blood.

STEP # 3


Results will be emailed as soon as they become available.

➜ NOW OFFERING: COVID-19 Rapid Testing

• Rapid Test...........$149

Get your results in just 15 minutes!

➜ COVID-19 PCR Testing. Available results within:

• 12 Hours..............$599
• 24 Hours .............$449
• 2-3 Days..............$149

➜ COVID-19 Antibody Test

The Antibody Test confirms if you had or were exposed to Covid-19 as well as if you have developed

an immune response to the virus. 

• Antibody Test.....$149
Results within 2-3 days!

We come to you when you need it, where you need it. 

Covid-19 Tests are often a requirement for any of the following scenarios: 
• Finding out if you currently have Covid-19 with the PCR Test
• Finding out if you have developed an immune response to Covid-19 with the Antibody Test
• Preoperative / Presurgical Screening
• Certain medical procedures such as a colonoscopy or an endoscopy
• National & International Traveling
• School or Work Screening
Please click on the Request An Appointment button below, fill out the form and our clinical coordinator will reach out to you shortly to confirm your appointment. You may reference our FAQ PAGE for any additional questions you may have.
Disclaimer: Antibody testing should not be used as a sole basis to diagnose or exclude COVID-19 infection. Please note, this test has applied for FDA review under the Emergency Use Authorization Program (EUA) but is currently not FDA-approved.

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